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      Invoice and Data Management

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    Complete, reliable, accurate data.

    You likely have a wealth of data within your enterprise. Not only is it a logistical challenge to collect, organize and audit this data, but it is difficult to know if your data is accurate and complete.
    • Improving Your Business

      By leading you to a customized data solution, Schneider Electric empowers your team to make more informed energy and sustainability decisions. We offer alternatives to how data and invoices are managed, collected, paid and validated, improving your business.
    • Why Schneider Electric?

      • Collect, aggregate and validate data on a common platform.
      • Discover and resolve billing errors, and work to prevent future errors.
      • Ensure bills are paid on time, reducing late fees and internal processing.
    • A Difference You Deserve

      • Schneider Electric has a global data team focused on solving each of our client’s data challenges. 
      • Our team processes more than 500,000 invoices each month, in 40 languages, across 130 and 85 currencies.
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    See complementary resource data and energy management services

    Schneider Electric specializes in recommending and implementing custom-fit data management solutions for companies in a wide array of industries. To simplify the process, our team coordinates the onboarding process, and ensures the integrity of your data program throughout the life of our partnership with you.


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      Reduce your team's time and effort for data collection, auditing, processing and payment.
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      Capture information required for environmental and carbon reporting as well as energy purchasing.
    • Time is money, finance, time management, sustainability.

      Save money by reducing late fees and lowering invoice processing costs.