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      Power System Assessment Services

    • Solutions

      A power system assessment provides a roadmap to optimize future capital and operational expenditures. Our services include:

      Power Quality Analysis
      Our professional engineers will document the symptoms, examine damaged equipment, assess the power and grounding in the area, collect data using temporary monitors, and develop a report of findings that identifies the most probable cause. The report will include mitigation recommendations to prevent future occurrences.

      Power System Grounding Evaluation
      Lack of proper grounding translates into an increased chance of fire, data and equipment losses, process anomalies, plant shutdowns, and workplace safety hazards. Our power system engineers will develop a scope of work to address your areas of concern.

      Equipment Condition Evaluation, Risk Assessment, and Contingency Planning
      Electrical distribution equipment is subject to degradation due to age, environmental stresses, and heat. Our professional engineers can perform a basic equipment condition evaluation by visually inspecting the equipment during a walk-through of the facility. A more detailed evaluation, which is performed by removing equipment covers, is most economically accomplished during the data collection phase of an arc flash study.
    • Value Proposition

      Our power system assessment services are customized, based upon the need to reduce your facility's risk from:
      • Reliability issues
      • Process disruptions
      • Code violations
      • Outdated workplace safety requirements
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    Electrical systems are serious business. You need serious professionals who can provide solid advice and recommendations to promote safety and to help ensure reliable and continuous power.