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    Prova un software innovativo per sfruttare pienamente i tuoi sistemi aziendali e migliorare l'efficienza energetica. Scopri come ottimizzare le tue attività edilizie con StruxureWare, la nostra piattaforma software integrata.

  • Healthcare StruxureWare software suites

    StruxureWare for Healthcare provides facility-wide visibility and access to critical data, helping to ensure hospital financial health and patient safety, as well as optimize staff productivity, hospital security, and the environment of care.

  • Food & Beverage StruxureWare software suites

    Integrated best-in-class software improves the sustainability of operations and efficiency of the supply chain and manufacturing process while increasing food safety and energy savings.

  • Water & Wastewater StruxureWare software suites

    Gain visibility into the water supply, collection and treatment system while controlling process and energy efficiency from field to enterprise. Utilities drive operational excellence while reducing energy consumption and total cost of ownership.

  • Data Centers StruxureWare software suites

    Innovative data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software provides visibility from buildings down to servers. Users reduce energy consumption, protect uptime, and improve planning and operational performance through the data center life cycle.

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    Managing resource usage within your enterprise is critical to reducing energy consumption and improving production efficiency. Software that enables and streamlines your operation can be instrumental in gaining this comprehensive enterprise view.
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    Software built specifically for you

    StruxureWare helps you run a machine or your entire enterprise

    Why choose StruxureWare

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      Do you have information silos that drag down performance and profitability? StruxureWare can help.

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      With StruxureWare software the promise of a digitized enterprise is made real, giving you control.


    • Default Alternative Text Predictive analytics unlocks information for better decision making.
    • Blue Graph up icon Organizations must find every possible efficiency opportunity to curb rising energy demand.
    • Default Alternative Text Digitization increases your ability to see and react to real-time data, maximizing your productivity.
    • Default Alternative Text The Internet of Things can help better manage assets and deliver self-healing networks.
    • Icona smart city blu Urbanization trends require cities to become smarter or risk falling behind in the global landscape.
    • Blue mobile device icon Businesses are rethinking their customer engagement strategies with the cloud and mobile in mind.