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Utilities need greater visibility and operational control of transmission and subtransmission networks as well as reduced EMS implementation costs.

Why work with Schneider Electric

  • Testo alternativo di default Schneider Electric’s EMS provides transmission operators with greater insight into transmission and subtransmission networks, with the ability to operate either as a standalone system or fully integrated with Schneider Electric’s ADMS.
  • Testo alternativo di default With applications for State Estimation, Load Flow, Optimal Power Flow, Contingency Analysis, Fault Calculation, Optimal Topology Change, Performance Indices, and Voltage Stability, Schneider Electric’s EMS allows utilities to better visualize, operate, optimize, and maintain transmission and subtransmission networks.


  • SE Default icon Proven experience implementing complex systems for utility companies.
  • SE Default icon Advanced applications for visualization, operation, optimization, and maintenance of transmission and subtransmission networks.
  • SE Default icon Operates either as a standalone system or fully integrated with Schneider Electric’s ADMS.
  • SE Default icon Fully integrated with Schneider Electric’s SCADA or can be integrated with existing SCADA systems.