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    Pipeline Operation and Natural Gas Processing

    Remove project risk and ensure on-time and on-budget execution

  • Chevron Changes the Game with Dynamic Simulation Software

    Schneider Electric's Operator Training Software, SimSci DYNSIM, helped Chevron move from it's prior control system without any downtime or negative safety impact. DYNSIM saved 2-3 weeks of commissioning time, and was well-received by the operators.

  • GDF Suez

    Schneider Electric ensures control and safety excellence by addressing system obsolescence at the GDF Suez Teesside combined cycle gas turbine power-generating facility in Northeast England

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  • Process Automation and Operations Management Solutions for LNG

    Partner with Schneider Electric to reduce risk and accelerate time to profitability

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    Early stabilization of plants for commercial production. Aging workforces. Stabilizing increases in plant capacity.
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    Our Processing Solutions

    End-to-end solutions with integrated project execution capability.

    Why work with Schneider Electric?

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      Remove risk

      We remove complexity from project's critical path, ensuring on-time and on-budget execution.

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      Maximize return on assets

      We partner with our customers leveraging our #1 position in LNG, and our leadership position in process control and electrical distribution.


    • Blue Schneider One icon Schneider Electric enables more than 60% of LNG production in the world.
    • Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric automates the world's largest LNG facility.
    • Blue Education icon Worldwide coverage through our expertise and engineering solution centers.
    • Blue Energy icon More than 1,000 installations around the world are already protected by our energy management and control solutions.
    • Blue earth Europe-Africa icon 5,000 oil and gas specialists worldwide.
    • Blue earth Europe-Africa icon 600 million process plants worldwide have run without failure, on demand, thanks to our process safety solutions.