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    Report: ADMS boosts smart grid IQ

    With growing grid complexity, electric utilities require enhanced network management capabilities. An ADMS system is the perfect solution to fulfill that mission. What are the options, trends, strategies, and business models utilities could consider to thrive now and in the future?

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    EcoStruxure™ ADMS

    Discover how the Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) can handle the challenges today’s system operators face to ensure a smooth transition – from paper-driven processes to a digital way of managing grids in real time.

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    Why automated systems are key?

    Digitization and automation at all levels is vital in connecting users to the grid and preparing for future demands. Automation will see the human resources requirements change forever - Steve Cox, Engineering and Technical Director. #WhatsYourBoldIdea?

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    AFFIDABILE anche nella tempesta

    Garantire la fornitura di elettricità a 1,5 milioni di abitazioni anche durante le tempeste più violente è una vera e propria scommessa. SA Power Networks si affida a Schneider EcoStruxure™ Grid per monitorare e gestire in modo AFFIDABILE la sua vasta rete e garantire la sicurezza degli abitanti dell'Australia meridionale anche in condizioni climatiche estreme.

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    • NEW REPORT Unlock the digital grid

      Our new report examines how the latest trends and innovative solutions impact electric distribution utilities. Explore strategies to tackle challenges head-on and succeed.

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      Illuminated skyscrapers of Manhattan at sunset, New York City, USA
    Electric power substation, electric power distribution.

    Le sfide

    Le società fornitrici di energia elettrica devono affrontare innumerevoli problemi: normative più rigide, clienti che pretendono una maggiore affidabilità, riduzione delle emissioni di carbonio, adozione di energie rinnovabili e di sistemi di conservazione dell'energia, condizioni climatiche sempre più estreme, interruzioni della rete, invecchiamento della forza lavoro e delle infrastrutture.
    • Solution

      Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure ADMS – a unified DMS, SCADA, OMS, and EMS solution – provides utilities with a modular and flexible platform within a common user experience, data model, integration framework and secure infrastructure.
    • Capabilities

      EcoStruxure ADMS enables advanced monitoring, analysis, control, optimization, planning, and training functions allowing utility companies to provide more reliable, safe, and efficient power.

    Delivering value to electric utilities

    • SA Power Networks

      SA Power Networks depends on EcoStruxure Grid for reliable monitoring and management of their vast network.

    • Enel

      Enel has upgraded their grid with EcoStruxure Grid solutions to accelerate their clean energy provision.

    • SICAE France

      French utility SICAE uses EcoStruxure ADMS to optimize the grid and efficiently manage distributed energy integration.

    • Demand management in action What does EcoStruxure ADMS have up its sleeve when demand for energy peaks?
    • Safeguarding grid reliability How EcoStruxure ADMS reinforces the network ahead of the storm, and how it helps the grid heal afterward.
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    EcoStruxure ADMS Applications

    Our EcoStruxure™ ADMS solution represents the evolution of control room technology by merging DMS, OMS, and SCADA into one comprehensive network management solution. As part of our smart grid solutions suite, it can help your utility become a next-generation energy provider by enabling safer, more reliable, and efficient power management.


    • Electrician working on transformer, electrical power distribution.
      Provides clear and consistent real-time, forecasted and historical views of the distribution network.
    • Operatori nella sala controllo della centrale elettrica alle prese con problemi tecnici e rapporti sulla sostenibilità.
      Allows system operators, dispatchers, planning engineers, reliability analysts, and managers to work as a team – accessing the same as-operated representation of network grid information.
    • Power line technician using phone and tablet, sustainability reporting, internet of things.
      Common situational awareness provides efficient and reliable management of grid operations in the face of a diverse, rapidly changing environment.
    • Electric power substation, electric power distribution.
      Enables greater network reliability, improved operational efficiency, reduced operations costs, increased safety, enhanced security, support for regulatory compliance, better asset utilization, and standards-based integration.