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    Improving reliability with smart distribution network automation

    Improve reliability with smart distribution network automation

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As power grids become more complex with new practices and smart technologies, effective and efficient automation provides real value. It's important to support growth in demand and variation in energy flow due to renewable energy, as well as minimize the duration and frequency of outages and the number of affected users.
  • Solutions

    Our feeder automation control and monitoring solutions range from Fault Passage Indicators to Smart Feeder RTUs, allowing users to have an impact on outages, from basic fault location to self-healing smart grid schemes. SAIDI and SAIFI are at the heart of every solution in order to provide maximum energy availability.

  • Benefits

    With the correct distribution feeder automation solution, huge savings can be achieved:

    • Maximum reduction of SAIDI with fault location and restoration up to 20 times faster.
    • Scalable and flexible integration, based on your investment and targets.
    • Reduction in operating and capital costs by up to 30%.
  • Why Schneider Electric

    Long experience with dedicated feeder automation range:

    • Full scope of solutions from (FPI) basic fault location to self-healing grids (FRTU).
    • Utility-friendly FPIs and FRTUs with cost-effective setup, maintenance, installation and training.
    • Complete distribution solution providers including integration with DMS and MV equipment.
control room for energy efficiency and energy management

Intelligent, integrated feeder automation


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    Faster fault location, even for traditional networks, integrated where you need it

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    Faster power restoration with on average 50% shorter outages, as low as 30 s. for self healing

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    A scalable and flexible solution for your evolving needs

    Standardized range of dedicated products developed purely for SAIDI and SAIFI reduction
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    Dedicated SCADA for stand-alone applications or integration with your existing systems

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    Reducing operation and maintenance costs by up to 30%