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  • Hydro electric dam with grassland and hills, water management, energy efficiency.  

    Small Hydro Power Plant Management

Worker at water facility handling the water management, energy efficiency, energy management software.


Improving the performance of small hydro plants

Minimize generation system failures to ensure high plant availability, maintain the highest levels of power quality, and reduce hydro operators' investment and operating costs. You'll also improve operational energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Peace of mind throughout the installation life cycle

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  • Solutions

    A complete, scalable power and control solution, built for multi-site management and remote maintenance. Based on current standards, our solution combines all hydroelectric controls in one system.
  • Value Proposition

    • Scalable and modular solutions.
    • World-class products.
    • Easy integration, operation, and maintenance.
    • Design that enables high plant availability and outputs.
Hydro electric dam, water management, energy efficiency.

Solutions for powering and managing hydro plants

Complete management and control of the Small Hydro Power Plant generation process:

  • Turbine control (multiple turbine-generator groups), featuring start/stop sequencing, speed regulation and security alarms. Generator control, synchronization, protection and voltage regulation. Auxiliary equipment control: dams, penstocks, valves, gates. Water resource management. Network connection and power monitoring. Supervision and control, including local and remote stations for multi-plant management.


  • Man at monitoring station reviewing energy management software, sustainability reporting.
    • Reducing investment costs by up to 20%.
    • Reducing maintenance costs of up to 30%.
  • Schneider Electric product, hydroPM_m340, Modicon Premium, Quantum PLCs are perfectly adapted for hot standby architecture.
    • Modicon Premium or Quantum PLCs are perfectly adapted for hot standby architecture.
  • Hydro monitoring station, a reliable SCADA system that improves operational reliability, multi-site management.

    A reliable SCADA system that improves:

    • Operational reliability
    • Multi-site management