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    Medium Voltage Switchgear and Substations

    Evolving efficiency has an effect on your Medium Voltage Switchgear and Substation requirements, and we have the cost-effective solution that you need.

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      2SIS technology in medium voltage switchgear

      For efficient smart grid deployment, the availability of medium-voltage networks is highly important. Medium-voltage switchgear plays a key role and must often withstand harsh environments, for which suitable technologies must be chosen to minimize the probability of internal arcs. Shielded Solid Insulation Switchgear (2SIS) meets these needs. Learn more about 2SIS technology in medium voltage switchgear
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      What will medium-voltage switchgear look like in the future?

      The development of Smart Grids means that medium-voltage (MV) equipment must become more intelligent. This paper reviews different types of MV switchgear and examines opportunities for future MV switchgear to meet the challenge of smart grids. Read more
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      Impact of operating mechanism type on medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker reliability

      As the circuit breaker is the ultimate electrical safety device, reliable short-circuit current interruption in case of network fault is paramount. The operating mechanism is a key sub-assembly that has direct impact on the circuit breaker reliability as well as its cost and size. This paper describes the principle of operation of MV VCB mechanisms, namely solenoid, spring and permanent magnet actuators. Read more
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      Medium-voltage switchgear in corrosive environments: challenges and solutions

      Composed of different kinds of metals and surface treatments, switchgear components are subjected to deteriorating corrosion processes, the rate of which strongly depends on the presence of various gases, vapors, particles, and combinations thereof in the surrounding air. This paper provides a brief overview of challenging environmental conditions and explores how best to control them by examining their impact on the most commonly used metals and surface treatments in MV switchgear. Read more