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    Remote Terminal Units and Controllers

Technician at monitors reviewing big data analytics, sustainability reporting, energy management software.


Grid operations and asset management rely on the ability to monitor and control them remotely. Hardened products for harsh electric environments are a must. Effective control strategies can include different architectures, legacy protocols and media.
  • Solutions

    Our RTU portfolio, featuring Saitel DR, Saitel DP and C264, helps you to engineer the most flexible and robust solutions to automate your grid:

    • Stand-alone RTUs
    • Distributed I/O
    • Data concentrators
    • Protocol converters
    • Substation automation systems
  • Key features

    • Reliable: Secure and robust RTUs protect your grid assets.
    • Interoperable: Powerful portfolio of standard and legacy communications.
    • Simple: User-friendly, scalable solutions.
    • Future-proof: Based on standards and a strong commitment to evolve our products.
  • Advantages

    • Robust hardware platforms.
    • Open, interoperable solutions based on standards and templates.
    • Intuitive and flexible engineering tools.
    • Cybersecurity embedded in every RTU.
    • Local expertise, services and support.
Control panels in a server room, data center operations, data center management.

From stand-alone Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) to comprehensive systems


  • Power plant using renewable solar energy and Substation

    Modernize and future-proof your power grid.

  • A construction working leaning on a rail guard while talking on a walkie talkie, sustainability consulting, water management, water and wastewater.

    Simplify network operations and maintenance tasks.

  • Cyber Security, touch screen

    Gain embedded cybersecurity.

  • Technicians using control panel, energy management software, data center operations.

    Leverage strong, local customer support services.