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  • Technicians at their station, sustainability reporting.

    Smart Power Management for Dairy

Milk bottling facility, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system, machine control.


Keeping your power safe, available and green 

Dairy is a very changeful environment. Every year, the plants are modified to add processing lines or increase capacity... In such a context, and with limited local resources, maintaining power availability and safety is a central challenge.

  • Solutions

    Our solutions are based on a comprehensive portfolio of offers, supported by a strong service organization and a wide network of partners. We design and maintain Smart Power Management solutions fit for a flexible environment delivering reliable, safe and green power for sustainable and efficient Food and Bevergage operations.
  • Value Proposition

    - Implement fit-for-purpose power solutions and evolve them on the whole plant life-cycle
    - Reduce by up to 30% plant downtime, mitigating power quality issues
    - Minimise occurrences of the first cause of injury in Food and Beverage electrical shocks
  • Differentiation

    • Fully integrated solutions
    • State-of-the-art products from MV, LV, MCCs, etc.
    • Offer that addresses specific customer segment needs
    • Global presence in sales, execution and services in over 100 countries
    • World-class service and support


  • Milk bottling facility, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system, machine control.
    Minimise CAPEX by designing fit for purpose but flexible solutions evolving with plant environement
  • Dairy trucks parked outside of the manufacturing plant, food and beverage.
    Plan / reduce maintenance OPEX by assessing ED system present and futur performance and reliability
  • two workers in dairy manufacturing building inspecting product
    Reduced plant downtime due to power availability and power quality
  • Worker inspecting goats milk in dairy, food and beverage, machine control.
    Reduced safety hazards by staff training and Arcflash mitigation