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    Energy Management and Control Solution for Large Oil and Gas Infrastructures

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The main operational performance objective for Oil & Gas is to be safe and reliable. Providing uninterrupted electrical management and control is critical for maximum return on investment.
  • Solutions

    As the global specialist in energy management, we offer a proven technology solution, the PACiS Energy Management and Control System (EMCS). It monitors, controls and optimizes electrical energy for oil and gas infrastructure.
  • Benefits

    • Increase safety of personnel and assets
    • Streamline decision making process with comprehensive data
    • Maximize availability via system redundancy and security features
    • Reduce costs with minimal downtime and optimized energy
  • The Difference

    • Seamless integration of electrical distribution and process control systems
    • Scalable solutions
    • Maximized energy availability with intelligent fast loading and restoration schemes
    • More than 100 years experience
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Smart O&G Field - Onshore Solutions


  • pen on a touch screen device for energy management
    • Streamline decision-making 
    • Reduce costs via minimized downtime and optimized energy consumption
  • Engineer in factory with clipboard, original equipment manufacturer
    • Boost availability and reliability 
    • Increase personnel and asset safety
  • a digital display full of 1s and 0s, data center management
    • Seamlessly integrate the entire electrical system with cyber security compliance