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    Open Road Tolling system that provides class leading revenue collection, improves traffic congestion and optimizes operations & maintenance.

  • Tolling Management Solution

    Schneider Electric Transportation open-road-tolling system provides class-leading revenue collection, improving traffic congestion while optimizing operations and maintenance.

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    Our world population is growing at fast rate. As a result, transportation agencies across the globe are facing increasing challenges managing traffic congestion and throughput, while creating an environment that promotes safe and efficient commutes and the reduction of travel times and CO2 emissions.
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    Schneider Electric Open Road Tolling Solution

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Icona Grafico Making Tolling more Efficient, Safe and Sustainable
    • Handshake icon 30+ Years of Experience in Tolling


    • Blue automotive icon 3% CAGR of motorized vehicles until at least 2030.
    • Blue earth icon 34% increased world population by 2050.
    • Icona smart city blu 70% of people will be living in cities by 2050.
    • Blue asset optimisation 99.9% system accuracy.
    • Default Alternative Text 24/7 system availability.
    • Blue leaf icon 20% reduction of traffic congestion.