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    Tunnel Management Solution

    Advanced solution for Tunnel Control Centers that integrates traffic control with facility operations while reinforcing travelers’ safety

  • Tunnel Management Solution

    Schneider Electric Transportation provides advanced solutions for tunnel control centers, integrating traffic controls with facility operations and event management while ensuring travelers’ safety.

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New tunnels and bridges require high levels of safety and efficiency standards. Integrating operation, traffic management and safety procedures in a unique interface is key to keeping tunnels safe and sustainable.
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Schneider Electric Tunnel Management Solution

Why work with Schneider Electric?

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    Making tunnels more efficient, safe and sustainable

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    30+ years' experience with tunnel solutions


  • Blue Graph up icon 3% CAGR of motorized vehicles until at least 2030.
  • Blue earth icon +34% increased world population by 2050.
  • Icona smart city blu 70% of people will be living in cities by 2050.
  • Default Alternative Text Up to 50% time saving in operations with integrated interface.
  • Blue tested validated icon Up to 15% energy savings in ventilation optimization.
  • Default Alternative Text Up to 20% quicker response time to incidents actions.