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    • Man in a desalination plant reviewing sustainability reporting, big data analytics on multiple computer screens

      Water Resource Solutions

      Our intelligence-enabling technologies allow you to improve operations and decision-making

    Water leaking from a joint between two large pipes, water management.


    Manage the infrastructure under planned and unplanned events with rapid response and coordination, manage regional watersheds in compliance with sustainability considerations, align cross-regional stakeholder interests, and modernize with limited capital budget availability.
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    Water Resource Solutions

    Learn how the Smart Water approach is changing stormwater management, irrigation systems and water resources

    Value Proposition

    • Default Alternative Text Optimum safety & security Schneider Electric has the technology and partnerships necessary to help provide a reliable and continuous water supply
    • Default Alternative Text Accurate modelling Our decision support system (DSS) allows you to predict effects of weather on urban drainage systems, city streets and receiving waters